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Information for 2018 will be updated as it becomes available

Welcome to Beef Expo 2017

New Zealand’s top beef breeders plan years in advance to produce a quality heifer or bull to enter Beef Expo show and sale. Eight beef breeds are represented and with New Zealand held in high regard as one of the world’s best suppliers of quality beef it is a notable achievement to have an entry at Beef Expo and the highest accolade to be a prize winner.

During 12th - 16th May, Beef Expo activities, in addition to the National Genetics Show and Sale, include Future Beef (competitions for the youth aged 5 - 24), agricultural seminars and trade sites.

The current bright outlook for beef farmers and the high demand for quality red meat, makes this an excellent time to associate your business with the national premier beef event of the year, Beef Expo 2017.

Benefits to you as a sponsor are listed in the following pages with marketing advantages extending beyond the event. Pre and post event sponsorship and advertising opportunities are numerous. These ready made packages allow your business to select options which will create maximum value and are designed to appeal to different marketing and budget requirements. By Live streaming Beef Expo the event is available to an unlimited audience providing addition agri focused marketing opportunities - see page three. However if none of these packages suit your business needs, please contact us to discuss a tailor-made option.

The beef industry’s bright future, the extended promotional benefits that live streaming brings to this prestigious event, along with the participant’s known loyalty, will undoubtedly reward your business. The 2017 Beef Executive look forward to your support.


When: May, 2018

Where: Manfeild Park Stadium, Feilding